Children of Hope Preschool is located in Ramsey, MN in Northwest Anoka County. The Preschool is a part of of Cross of Hope Lutheran Church and is located in the Church building. Children of Hope has been in existence for 23 years, after being gifted to the church in 1997. We have been able to teach many preschoolers the beauty of God’s Love while preparing them for Kindergarten.

Our goals continue to be to provide a quality education for children in our program, and just as importantly, to affirm the eternal and personal love of God for all people. Our goal is also to compliment and support the family unit, as parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. We welcome our students and their families to Cross of Hope Church at their comfort level. We will continue to reach out to the community and to provide scholarships as our budget allows.

Mission Statement:
With Christ as the foundation, Children of Hope preschool NURTURES the whole child with their spiritual, social, emotional and cognitive development in a healthy, safe, loving and peaceful environment.
Vision Statement:
Children of Hope Preschool will nurture the child’s spiritual, social, emotional and cognitive development through Christ centered play. Children will learn what it means to be a part of the body of Christ, and how to create healthy relationships within that body. They will begin to establish a healthy identity in Christ and discernment of their unique spiritual gifts. They will discover a love of learning which is foundational for healthy cognitive development. Through Christ centered play we will strive to provide a loving and nurturing environment for children to learn Christian values and allow them to explore what it means to be a child of God and a steward of God’s creation.
Small Group Math

Program Features

  • Age appropriate education and enrichment.
  • Playtime/Socialization: House corner, music, drawing & writing area, dramatic play, blocks, puzzles, games, reading center, science center, sensory center
  • Outside Playground
  • Scheduled story and music times
  • Snack time
  • Monthly Chapel and Bible story time
  • Parent participation
  • Parent/teacher conferences

Why Choose Children of Hope…

  • Developmentally appropriate activities in a Christian setting.
  • Warm, dedicated and well-qualified staff.
  • Complements and supports the family unit.
  • Activities that emphasize the process of learning, more than the product.
  • Currently rated three-stars through Parent-Aware and progressing forward to earn additional stars.
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