Covid-19 Statement-Children of Hope Preschool

As a Faith-based preschool we have after prayerful consideration made the decision to open for in-person learning this fall, with school starting on September 9th, 2020. We are a small preschool licensed to have a maximum of 20 children per day with a staff of 3 employees. Given our small size we feel we have the ability to better control the environment in which your children will interact with others and limit their exposure to those who may be Covid-19 positive. We have heeded the advice of the Minnesota Governor Walz and his team, the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services as well as the of our currently input of our preschool families over the past few months. We have learned much about COVID19 and how it affects children as well as how other preschool programs which have remained open have been able to do so well and safely. We feel capable in our abilities to open while maintaining a safe and effective learning environment. We recognize that children need academics as well as social experiences and have found children’s success at this stage of development come from the structure and experiences offered in a classroom setting among their peers. We want children to learn, play, grow, feel the love of Jesus in a safe and nurturing environment.

Children will not be required to wear face masks per state recommendations for young children (we will honor a parent’s request if they would like their child to wear one). Staff will not wear masks in the classroom with students (however face shields may be worn) as visual cues are critical in formation of sounds, language and learning social cues. Staff will wear masks or face shields outside of the classroom when moving between rooms, in or out the building, or at check-in and dismissal times. A complete list of our COVID19 preparedness plan can be seen below.

We recognize that each family has unique situations which impact the decisions they make. You know your family best, and we trust you will make good decisions for their benefit. Keeping your child and family, as well as our staff and their families, healthy and safe is of utmost importance to us. We feel confident that the changes we are implementing will allow us to care and love your child in the safest way possible. Our staff is ready and willing to serve you and your children. We know COVID19 is an ever-changing situation and safety is our priority.

We understand that there are no easy answers and that being a part of the educational journey of your child is very important to you; God is with you, he walks alongside you and your children, he is here to love and encourage each of you EVERYDAY let Him guide you. We believe that even though the world feels uncertain and different this year Children of Hope Preschool can continue our commitment to provide a faith-based, play centered learning environment where children develop strong relationships and are nurtured in age appropriate ways.

Please always feel free to ask questions, we understand that you may have many and we are so happy to answer them all for you. Give us a call at 763.753-2057 ex. 106 or email our Director Ashley Eckles at . We continue to pray for you and your family during this time and look forward to hearing from you.

Not ready for in-person education? For those of you who are not ready to send your child to an in person learning environment, we are considering offering a distant learning version of preschool at a reduced rate.    If we have enough interest and you choose this option you may at any time transition from the online version and shift to in-person education as long as there are openings in the class to accommodate your child.

Could learning be interrupted this year and what would this mean? If a state-wide shut down or a significant increase in the hospitalization of children would occur, this could affect our program. In such an instance we will access the newest situation and state guidelines; this past spring when COVID-19 shut down our state we stayed open. We serve several families who are Tier 1 essential workers, and we were successful in our attempts to keep children, staff and families healthy by following our COVID Response Action Plan, and we would hope to be able to do this again if the situation were to come to that again.

Covid-19 Response Action Plan

  • Daily temperature checks and parent signature stating your child is not experiencing COVID symptoms
  • Exclusion of sick children and staff, if a student or staff member or one of their household member tests positive for COVID19 that student or staff member will be excluded from school for 14 days. If proof of positive results are shared, tuition will be waived during this time period. Parents will be notified if any student or staff (or one of their family members) tests positive for Covid-19. The child/family’s identity will be anonymous.
  • Required hand washing at arrival, before meals, after playing outside and using the restroom
  • Intermittent hand sanitizing using either gel or spray mist for children and staff throughout the day
  • Touch points will be disinfected every 3 hours
  • Use of Nap Room, students will nap in a designated room so that the classroom can be fully cleaned mid-day
  • Frequently used toys will be washed and sanitized at the end of the day, all others will be spray sanitized
  • Individual art supplies will be provided to each student to minimize sharing of frequently touched items such as pencils, markers, crayons, scissors and glue
  • Teachers and Parents entering the building will be required to wear face masks while walking in halls or visiting the classroom, per Minnesota Governor Walz executive order, until the order no longer stands.

Changes and modifications may be made to this plan as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

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